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Thursday, March 02, 2006

This makes #3...

Blogs that is. My Xanga, an abandoned LJ and now here. I do want a place to rave about my stitching, and I'm sure my Xanga readers get kinda tired of that, lol.

So....My favorite designer is Nora Corbett, hence the "Romantic Stitches". I also like Passione Ricamo an awful lot, but haven't yet stitched any, though I do own The Christmas Spirit now. And there are so many more that I want.....

I like some of the Heaven and Earth Designs too, but I'm kinda picky. I've never been a big fan of fantasy artwork, yet I love mermaids. Romantic looking mermaids. And I love fairy tales too, Scott Gustafson is one of my favorite artists there. And I like quite a bit of Selina Fenech's stuff too.

And thanks to Fudgey at the HAED board, I've fallen in love with silks. So far I only have Dinky Dyes and Silk 'N Colors, but I'm already addicted to the Dinky Dyes that's for sure! Have 2 more skeins on order.



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