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Friday, March 03, 2006

Oh my aching hands...

Now I remember why I don't crochet very much anymore! I picked it up today for the first time in about two years. My brother's mother-in-law to be runs the Crochet Cabana and has taken over Squares 4 Survivors. S4S is a program started by a lady here in my area to make afghans for people who lost everything to Katrina and Rita last year. My mom has a cousin who lives in N.O., and she lost nearly everything. So we're doing a special afghan just for her and Mrs. Sandie suggested that each of us do a square for it. Mama's already done one, my sister is piecing one together from yarn that belonged to our great-grandmother (who the cousin was VERY close to), and I started mine today.

Oh man! I got 4 rows done and my left pinky finger is just now coming back to life, and I quit nearly4 hours ago. This is why I don't do it anymore, even though it's fun. But I have to do this square! I want to do this square. Sidney is such a sweet, sweet person and this 'ghan will mean so much to her. So next time I pick it up, my trusty wrist braces are coming out.

The yarn is really pretty too, so that'll help motivate me I think. It's a variegated that looks like tweed. Would make a gorgous sweater if I knew how to knit, lol.

Now for the shameless plug, if you crochet or knit, PLEASE consider helping out S4S. It's a tangible thing that the victims can hold on to and it lets them know that someone still cares. The victims are no longer in the news, but they're still out there. It's going to take us YEARS to recover from the one-two punch that Katrina and Rita socked us with.



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