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Monday, March 06, 2006

Almost major HD!

I *almost* have my first major big time HD!!! I finished the backstitching on my Queen Mermaid last night and I'm waiting on my Q-snap extensions so I can get started beading.

While I wait for those, I started my first Paula Vaughn last night. My new quilt for my bed has irises on it, so I'm doing the iris pillow from the "Pillows From Paula's Garden" book. Doing it on 28ct Meadow Mist lugana from Silkweaver and I think it's going to be quite lovely. I don't particularly care for working 3x2, but I'll make an exception this time since she does her blends a bit oddly compared to TW. (IMO, anyway) 2x2 with the blends just wouldn't give the necessary color depth to the iris. It will look absolutely smashing perched on my bed!

My sister found a square she had crocheted for me, pillow-sized, so I need to make that into a pillow also and I think it'll go on the daybed. There or my rocking chair, not sure which yet. Of course I do have to GET the daybed first!



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