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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm figuring this out!

I finally figured out how to get other blogs to show up on my sidebar!!! That makes it so much easier for me to browse. If all goes well, it should show up eventually.

Next up: Blinkies, and link-buttons!

Didn't get any beading done last night. Birthday celebrations tend to get in the way of things like that, lol. One of my brother's turned 20 yesterday, and my sister is 22 today. I'll bead tonight after I eat, while I watch the new episode of CSI and try not to cringe over Nick's new 'do.

I can't believe how much prettier she is with the beads!

But I did FINALLY finish the fountain scene on my English Garden Sampler!!!! Taking a picture tomorrow in some decent lighting, then I'll post it.

Oh, and I joined the Mirabilia Yahoo group yesterday. I really should introduce myself...



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