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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hanky Psanky

Hanky Psanky. That's the title of the newest Ink Circles release. Which I have totally fallen in love with! Psanky is the art of Ukrainian Easter Eggs. They're decorated with wax and then sealed with some sort of finish that makes them bright and shiny. Here in central Louisiana, there's a Belgian woman who decorates them and I have one that she did. Lovely piece of art it is.

Haven't got the faintest idea what sort of fabric I'd use. Probably something along the lines of a solid and I do really like the way it looks on the black there in the model. However, the colors need to be brighter. Psanky are very colorful and vibrant. I'll most likely do it with VC silks and possibly a Dinky Dye or two.

I've been working on my PV this past week and will continue with it next week. I finally finished that dang mirror! *cue Hallelujah chorus* Tomorrow I'll start the vase of flowers that's on the right hand side, and I may alternate that with some more of the window frame.

Pretty sure Zoe has a cold now. She's been sneezing for a couple of days now and it's been getting worse. Then this evening I noticed her eyes were watering. I have antibiotics on hand from her trip to the vet last weekend, so she's on those just in case. She got stung by a yellow jacket last weekend, but is all better now except for some itching where it popped her. I also have a cold, so at least we're sick together!



Blogger sugardoll said...

Whoa that looks cool! I think it will look really pretty in a dark fabby like the model photo, maybe like navy or something...? tee hee

Sorry Zoe is sick, hope she feels better soon..poor wee baby. =(

12:37 PM  

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