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Saturday, June 30, 2007

New furniture!

Mama finally found new living room furniture while she was at Mimi's this last week. She's only been looking for a new couch for a year now with no luck at all. The new set is a love seat, a couch, a nice big ottoman and a Queen Anne wingback chair.

It's wonderful! Very comfortable, the right scale for the room, and we have more seating now. And the room seems bigger, even though there's more in it. Amazing how that works.

I got the Queen Anne for my stitching chair, and my old one is being junked since it has a broken leg. The old one was nice, this new one is PERFECT! And I do mean perfect. It's the perfect height for my long legs, the arms of it are also at the perfect height. I had been having shoulder problems when I stitched for more than an hour because the arms on the old chair were the wrong height. I stitched for nearly 4 hours today in the new chair, and my shoulder is only a little bit sore. I'm one happy little stitcher!

And I finished 2 more colors of backstitching!!



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