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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back in the land of blogging!

So, I'm back. Getting back was an adventure in and of itself. Storms in Houston + airlines just don't mix. I didn't get home till after midnight Sunday night. Oye! And minus my luggage, which came in on the next flight. That happens a lot here.

I still haven't made it to getting my pictures off my camera. Since I'm so tired and still catching up on sleep, I haven't woken up in time the last 2 mornings. Monday I woke up at noon, just in time to eat and get to work, and then this morning was 11:30. Maybe by the end of the week....

Several months ago I fell in love with a lace knitting pattern. It's from Heartstrings and it's called Ivy Trellis. It's also done with fingering weight yarn instead of laceweight, so I figured it'd be a good lace pattern to get my toes wet with. I love ivy and I asked Laura to look the pattern over and see if it would be a good one for a beginner. She said yes, with a little practice of the new stitches. Whoohoo!!! So I've been casually looking at yarn over the last couple months, trying to decide what to use.

Since it does require quite a bit, 1100 yards to be precise, I'm looking at KnitPicks. At first I was thinking about using the Rocky Mountain Dusk colorway from the Memories line. Then tonight I looked at the Palette line again and much to my pleasant surprise, they've added some new colors! And I decided what to knit this with: Iris Heather. Now I just need to buy the pattern from Laura and get the yarn... 5 balls at $1.99 is a very affordable sum for my first lace project. The subtle variegation in the Iris Heather should be lovely on the stole.

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Blogger sugardoll said...

Gee girl, looks like it will need tons and tons of yarn. I thank the Lord for my lack of knowledge about knitting or i would have already bought it LOL.

Welcome back, I hope you had an uber of a good time during your CA vacation.

7:12 PM  

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