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Monday, May 08, 2006

Another fall

But this one wasn't my fault!!! It was Saturday night and I blame it fully on the cat. It was late, Arwen was inside making a nuisance of herself. She does the whole nuisance thing VERY well. She wanted food. I got up to take my nearly empty wine glass to the kitchen and the plan was to finish off the last two sips on the way. Arwen didn't think that was a good idea and she chose that very moment to race for the back door and ask for food. She dodged the wrong way, knocked my feet out from under me and I went splat all over the kitchen floor. It HURT! Our kitchen has ceramic tile flooring from the 50's, the tiny little squares that you piece together.

Wine and water went everywhere, including my hair. Naturally I didn't find that until I was fixing my hair for church yesterday, so no time to wash it because we were already running late. (I was also carrying my mostly empty glass of water to the dishwasher) I landed HARD on my left side and it's now bruised. The bruise itself isn't as bad as the last one and I can still walk just fine, but it sure does hurt! My whole left side feels really lousy today. And I sleep on my left side most of the time so that was interesting too.

The first kid left the next over the weekend. My brother Jeremiah moved down to the New Orleans area. His girlfriend/almost fiancee lives down there and he's after a carpentry/construction job which are plentiful down there right now. He's living in a trailer that's parked on a lot owned by one of her uncle's, and the next evacuation they'll just pack it up and all head for our house! Won't be any need for a hotel this time, lol. (Her family evacuates to our place now, it's almost become a tradition after the last 2 hurricane seasons!)

I still haven't washed and pinned the coasters. Maybe tomorrow...



Blogger Kip said...

Poor you - you are going to have to think about padded flooring at this rate!

2:59 AM  

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