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Monday, April 24, 2006

I can walk!!

Mostly, lol. The bruise is now a lovely mix of purple, yellow and green. Too bad it's not the Mardi Gras shades... But I do love my new blinds!!! Much much better than the sheets I had previously, which were a vast improvement over the vertical blinds the room came with when we moved in. God I hate those things.... Vertical blinds that is!

EeKoon put up a wonderful and thought-provoking post on her blog, Crafty Pretender. It's on my sidebar. Go check it out!

My Newborn Joy has a face!!!!! Pictures will be posted tomorrow, then Wednesday after the SAL I'll take a new pic of my Earth Mermaid. Fabric is all gridded for Pirate and Mermaid and I have the fabric for Spring Cameo now!!! Printing that chart tomorrow afternoon so I can grid. :D I hope Deb releases Summer Cameo soon. Spring looks like my sister and Summer sort of looks me. Can't WAIT to see Fall and Winter!!! Must go check her LJ....

I have got to stop hitting the Draft button in place of Publish... They should reverse the order of the buttons!



Blogger CraftyPretender said...


you're going to make me blush


thanks for the promo, though....

and congrats on being on your feet again!!! Hugsss


3:59 AM  

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