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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm good!

I just added a linked button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click on the Squares4Survivors button and it'll take you to the S4S site. I am some kind of proud of myself. :D

About time to change my icon too.... I just don't know which one to put up! I have a nice-sized collection of ones that I've made to show off my dolls, and Disney ones that I've collected from icon-sharing LJ's. I think I'm going to put Rafiki up for a little while. It's amusing!

Will be slowly adding a few more blinkies once I figure out exactly where I want them to be.

In stitching news, the beading on Queen Mermaid is coming along swimmingly. (bad pun intended) Every time I think she can't get any prettier, she does just that!! I'm just over halfway done beading I think. The treasures are going on last. I hate getting my thread looped around them and then they end up getting yanked loose. That annoys me.

OK, testing font color here...



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