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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Burns my toast!

Copyright infringement burns my toast! Sharon at HAED found an auction site in Australia that is loaded with illegal cross-stitch charts! I have spent nearly the last 2 hours going through and reporting copyright infringement on Thomas Kinkade, Christian Riese Lassen, Disney, Looney Tunes and even Selina's Dragon Fae's! There are two sellers that all of their charts are illegal computer generated charts. Search "cross stitch" in the crafts category and you'll know immediately who the main seller is! There are two, but one has way more charts than the other one. I even saw a Janlynn that had been swiped and recharted!

This lady is doing movie stills, images from Disney Princess websites, screen caps from video games, nature photographs, some Haughtman Brothers. You name it she's got it! There's a lot of fantasy art stolen too, but since I'm not up on who those artists are I only reported the ones stolen from Selina.

Feel free to register an account and jump on the reporting bandwagon! I bet I've reported a hundred!! The site does make it very easy to report auctions though. eBay could learn a thing or two from them in that department.



Blogger StitchCat said...

Burns my toast too, someone was doing the same thing with Thomas Kinkade charts on a NZ auction site. These people do not have an original thought in their heads. I actually emailed Candamar and Thomas Kinkade Co. and they dealt with it.

10:17 PM  

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