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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My first sock!

My first sock is done!!!! I'm so proud of myself. Finished it this past Tuesday and then Mama took it south to show Mrs. Sandie and Kati.

The yarn is Trampoline Stretch, a superwash wool blend. The colorway doesn't have a name that I know of, but I have been told I won't have to worry about losing these socks. They are even bright IRL. (and I love that my camera blacked out the icky carpet in my room)

Knit on size 5 bamboo dpn's from Clover. I love bamboo needles.

The leftovers of this sock yarn will be used to knit arm/hand warmers for use while I'm at my computer. One of the symptoms of my fibro is chronically cold hands and they always get worse when I'm typing. I have the pattern for them, just need to finish the second sock.

I've been pretty scarce the last few days. My fibro is flared up pretty bad from being too tired and I slid into a pretty bad few days of depression too. I think that's getting better though. I've changed my work hours, and the new schedule starts Tuesday. I'll only be working one full day a week, and the other 4 days will be afternoons. This should let me get the rest I need, and let me have some time to devote to my writing.

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Blogger Kip said...

((hugs)) look after yourself your sock is wonderful and I hope your feeling better

3:11 AM  

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