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Thursday, February 01, 2007


The weather is still nasty. It rained most of the day. Needless to say I feel awful! Thursday is the night of the GTG at the Parrot Stitch, and I've made it once this year. Because of feeling so awful. I had wanted to go tonight to show off my sock, but just couldn't find the energy. So instead I caught up on message boards, fought with my wireless connection and then stitched on St. Basil's.

I am *thisclose* to finishing the first page of St. Basil's! And by first page I mean the page I started on, in the center. So this page has the most stitching on it. When I'm done it with it, probably tomorrow, I will be a hundred or so stitches shy of being HALFWAY DONE!!! I am so excited that for the moment I've chucked my rotation and I'm focusing exclusively on St. B's. But what's the fun of having a rotation if you can't chuck it every once in awhile. Finishing St. B is one of my major goals this year. The sooner I finish it, the sooner I can start St. Petersburg.

Speaking of, the materials list will be up Sunday! Martina promised. She also said that she would be including special stitches and extra threads to use in place of all the Swarovski crystals that this one has. I'll decide which route I'm going to go after I see the kit prices at ECS. I already know I'm not using NPI's, so there's a chunk of change saved right there.

The wedding announcement is halfway done. Will be taking a picture this weekend to show off. Need to order some more Gumnut silk so I can finish it. I'm horribly bad at estimating the amount of floss I need, lol.



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