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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Mini-HD's are almost as fun as big ones.

This evening, after much aggravation and frogging on my part, I finished the dang girl in Through A Mother's Eyes!!!! The hard part anyway, that consisting of her face and hair. Still have to do her doll and the bottom part of her dress, but hot-dog!!! My major frogging sessions appear to be over! All those darn fractionals in her hair like to drove me out of my mind.

And my baby is home now and feeling so much better. She spent Wednesday-Friday at the vet. When she was out traipsing around last week she managed to poke herself in the tummy. It abcessed, pretty deep apparently, and she had to have to surgery and the wound was packed with gauze for 2 days. She's home again though, hopefully to stay this time and handling it pretty well considering. At this moment she's curled up in my lap fighting sleep.

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