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Thursday, April 13, 2006

*sad sigh*

Take 2! Some days I could shoot my computer *proceeds to cuss out Adobe*

I had a whole post written up and then Adobe decides that it wants to hang my browser up!! I was attempting to read filed newsletters on the website of an LNS in Metairie.

I'm going to Gulf Shores in June and on a lark I decided to see if there are any shops closer than Pensecola (that's about 45 minutes further down the Interstate from where I'll be) and I went to the Hoffman site to have a look-see. Clicked on my region first to see how many shops they had listed in Louisiana. Metairie, Metairie and more Metairie! From websites, it looks like most of those are open and I had no idea there was one in Lafayette and one in Ruston! But not the one in Chalmette is not open.

Chalmette no longer exists. The town is no more. Nobody lives there and right now the plan is to just tear everything down and never rebuild. The worst of the breaches flooded Chalmette and then an underground oil storage unit burst and the natural gas pipelines caught on fire. There still aren't any birds and it's been nearly 8 months.

In happier news, I'm back in the HAED Wednesday QS SAL. I'm working on Earth Mermaid. And today Fudgey gifted me with Storykeeper QS! The agony of deciding whether to do my Angel of Compassion storykeep or Storykeeper after Earth Mermaid might very well drive me batty, lol.

There should be a picture....

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so NOT in the mood to sit here and figure out why Blogger suddenly doesn't like to insert off-site hosted pictures. Earth Mermaid Blob. And now I'm getting off of here before I hurl the stupid thing across the room.



Blogger Burton said...

This post is very faulty. "Chalmette is no more." I see that the post was done in 2006. Even then, this was untrue. First of all, St. Bernard is not "Chalmette." There is more than one city in St. Bernard Parish, not just Chalmette. "But not the one in Chalmette." I WONDER WHY!!! It was only about a year after the biggest natural disaster to hit the United States occurred. Drive up and down "Chalmette" now; you'll see how things are coming back. Many things are coming back or are in the works of doing so. I think this, and all blogs, should be updated with truth and sense of hope. If EVERYONE believes it is "not coming back" and noone is going back, then everyone is apart of the same problem in which they are speaking.

Also, pass through some of the major subdivisions. And also, with Taffaro as the new parish president, things will get a lot better, a lot quicker.

11:52 AM  

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