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Saturday, April 08, 2006

So tired....

I am so incredibly tired this weekend. Herb Day at work was today. It's one of our biggest, busiest days of the year and we have herbs for sale. This year it was an all day festival type thing. I ended up being there just after 7 and didn't leave until nearly 5. And yesterday was set-up and unloading hundreds of flats of herbs.

So last night I sat down to watch something, (I'm blanking on what it was, lol) and I have to be doing something with my hands. Didn't want to get my thread crochet out because the next round was something I'd never done before. Would have required thinking. Didn't want to get Newborn Joy out for the same reason- thinking. So I got out my fabric for Pirate and Mermaid to do some gridding. One wouldn't think that requires thinking!

Turns out gridding does require thinking. After ripping out the SAME THING four times, I finally got a whole page gridded. Took me 45 minutes just to do one page. Lesson learned: You do have to actually use brain cells when you're gridding.

*sigh* still no Pearl linen on the SW Odds and Ends page. I can't wait too much longer for it. I need to get Spring Cameo gridded. I'm thinking I'm going to take her to the beach with me in June. :D

As soon as I finish the thread crochet project, a coaster, I'll take a picture of it. I only have 4 rounds left! I'll be decreasing for the first time. And I'm glad to discover that it doesn't hurt my hands as much as working with yarn. Weird...



Blogger StitchCat said...

There have been times when I was really tired and shouldn't have attempted half the things I did, because I find the next day I have to unpick. At least you finally got the fabric gridded :)

1:13 AM  

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