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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Took a little break

So, I finished Queen Mermaid and a brand new book arrived the very next day. :D So I took a little stitching break to read the book, Expect the Sunrise by Susan May Warren. She's one of my very favorite authors right now for two reasons. #1: She is a FANTASTIC writer, and #2: she shares my love of all things Russian.

So anyway, I won the book from her. She was giving away 15 copies and I was #14! First time I ever won a contest in my whole life, lol. The catch was write a review on Amazon, Christian Book or B&N. So I did. It's the third in a series called Team Hope, and the first two books are just as good as the last one. They are Christian books, so I don't recommend them to the average run of the mill reader.

Yseterday, I started my first Mira Little Stitches, Newborn Joy. I have a new baby cousin, and wanted to do something small and quick for her, so I picked Newborn Joy. It's going very quickly, just as I expected. Need to go back and get two skeins of floss that I somehow missed the first time around. That'll teach me to go down the aisle too fast, lol.

And one last note: I HATE springing forward!!!



Blogger StitchCat said...

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Blogger StitchCat said...

Susan is an excellent author... I would definately have to agree with you there. One of her books has the same name as my daughter. Lol at you springing forward...we have just fallen back :(

5:04 AM  

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