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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This post has absolutely nothing to do with stitching!!

As some people may have noticed by now by my various avatars and sig pics, I'm a Disney fan. Specifically The Little Mermaid. It's coming to DVD in October AND to Broadway!!!!!!!! I have just gotten my paws on the practice studio recording for the Broadway show and I'm sitting here falling in love with TLM all over again. Nobody knows yet when the Broadway show will open, but when it does I am so there!!! (I'm so glad my best friend lives on Long Island and is a Disney fan too...)

Whoever wrote the new songs for the show really has a wonderful handle on the story and the emotions of the characters. Eric has a solo called "Her Voice" and it's sung after Ariel rescues him. It's my favorite song from the show and beautifully sung by Cheyenne Jackson. I really really really really hope he signs on to play Eric in the show. He's fabulous!! Better than Christopher Daniel Barnes who voiced Eric in the movie. I tracked down some pictures and with the right wig and makeup he'll be a dead ringer for the animated Eric.

Then Ariel and Eric have a duet. Sort of. They're on land, I'm not exactly sure what the timing is but he's talking to her and she's singing to herself all the things she wants to say him. It's called "If Only" and it is beautiful. And then finale song gave me goosebumps! I haven't had goosebumps over Broadway songs since the first time I heard Phantom of the Opera.

And now back to the regularly scheduled stitchy talk. :D



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