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Thursday, May 25, 2006

She's out!!!!

White Christmas that is. Not what I was envisioning, but I'm still blown away and in love nonetheless! The plan to do her dress in silks hasn't changed. I've narrowed my fabric down to two: SMF Guinevere and SW Winter Breeze.

I have a small piece of Guinevere so once I see a floss list I'll take it to Hobby Lobby and see how the actual colors look on it. Wish I had a piece of Winter Breeze.... I need a piece of it regardless of if I stitch WC on it. It's so beautiful!

I watched Supernatural for the first time tonight after hearing HB people rave and rave about it since it came on. I'm firmly in the Dean camp!



Blogger CraftyPretender said...

I agree with you on the dress. That red is stunning! Hope you can start soon *wink*

EeKoon (I have 3 Miras, and none of them started... ack...)

3:25 AM  
Blogger Kip said...

I love some of the conversions on the mira board - I look forward to seeing your start

11:33 AM  

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