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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The Hershey factory in Lancaster, PA produces 10 MILLION Kisses every day. That just blew my mind.

And now onto today's SBQ!

Today's SBQ was suggested by Nancy:
What is your favorite specialty stitch? Which one is your least
favorite? Why?

Favorite would be satin stitch, but only because it's so easy to do on evenweaves/linen and achieve the proper look. Least favorite is a tie between lazy daisies and French knots. My dislike of the daisies comes from the middle border strip on TW's English Garden Sampler. There are over 100 lazy daisies in the thing! And I have yet to meet anyone who actually likes doing French knots. I can do them, I just prefer not to so I sub with beads now.

I do have an updated picture of my EGS, I just haven't pulled it off my camera yet. Have no plans this weekend other than getting a pedicure for my poor aching feet, so I'll get it put up this weekend. I hope! I also have a new fan fiction realm to explore, The Sentinel. I *finally* found out what exactly makes Jim Ellison a Sentinel and now that I've seen him and Blair in action with Frank and Joe Hardy I'm hooked!

Yes, my other online obsession is fan fiction, specifically the Hardy Boys and now it'll include Sentinel. I'm so glad my favorite HB fan fic site has a sort of sister for Sentinel that's run by the same people- who also happen to be 2 of my favorite HB fan fic authors. (anyone who might by any chance be interested can find the absolute best HB fan fiction on the Net at the Hardy Detective Agency, if you're a closet HB fan, be sure to hit the Links page!)



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