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Saturday, May 20, 2006

I have decided

If the new Mira, White Christmas, is as glorious as my imagination would have me believe, I shall stitch the beautiful red dress in VC silks!

And the Preakness today was very sad. (I'm a horse racing fan, Preakness is second jewel in the Triple Crown) The favorite, Barbero, was a shoo-in to win and make a run for the Crown in 3 weeks. He false-started by jumping through the gate, and then on the real start coming out he mis-stepped and fractured his right hind ankle. Career ending injury. Very sad as he had so much potential. He was unbeaten so far, a rare thing these days. He's in surgery right now. I dearly hope he comes out of it alright and lives- even though he'll never race again. There are already plenty of tragic stories surrounding the Triple Crown. We don't need another one.



Blogger Kip said...

I love horse racing too, but I agree its terrible when stuff like that happens, your idea for white chrsitmas sounds scrummy!

4:53 AM  

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