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Thursday, May 18, 2006


The description for the next Mirabilia, White Christmas, has me all atwitter!!!!!! As posted on the Mira board earlier by Jennifer:

"On Christmas Eve the Gothic windows were laced with frost. Icicles gleam as the snow flutters in silence. A lady in red cups her hands around a single snowflake and tiny crystal snow drops are scattered across her plush, velvet cape."

I am so unbelievably excited!! White Christmas is my most favorite Christmas of all time and I'm getting visions of Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen's fabulous red velvet dresses for the finale. *sigh*

June 1 is the official release date. I do hope a picture appears before then because I just might go crazy waiting!

And would you believe I washed and blocked my coasters this evening? Will take pics later in the daylight.



Blogger Kip said...

Oh wow I love white christmas too, I wonder how she will look, after all royal holiday could easily have been described like that! Thats given me something to get excited about at least

4:30 AM  

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