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Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Tate ACEO

Lavender Rose Fae. Be still my heart! I think White Rose Fae has just been de-throned as my favorite fae from her.

After weeks of searching, Ria finally has her ticket!!!!!! Starting September 12th, I shall be scarce everywhere, lol. Lots of giggling and talking will be done, lots of gas bought and lots of fun! I am so unbelievably excited!!!!!

Her BD present is coming along nicely. I've put Through A Mother's Eyes on hold for the moment so I can get it finished and framed. The backstitching is going to be a nightmare, but that goes with the territory of doing a Disney kit.

And in work news, I will not be the one in the gift shop all the time! This has me very happy as it means I can stay caught up on my stuff over here and devote major time to the membership mailout next month. Angel will be taking over over there. She's leaving in December to pursue her Master's in colonial Louisiana history, so we're going to go ahead and start getting used to not having her here in the office so everyone can just ease into the next phase at Kent House. But the first week of September will find me re-arranging the gift shop!



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