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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I've been bitten!

By the ACEO bug that is. Specifically Nadia Tate. I just bought three: Mermaid Star, Mermaid by the Seashore and Rose Fae. And it all started because I showed my sister Nadia's newest fae which has a panda in it. Sis is a panda fanatic. She looked through Nadia's store oohing and aahing over the kitty faes and the mermaids. That was a first! She's never oohed and aahed over a mermaid before.

I've also been bitten on the wrist by an unidentified bug Sunday night, at 2 in the moring. I do remember killing the thing, but I have no idea what it was. It itches now and made a red bump.

I did actually stitch last night. I'm feeling much better. I went home, took a shower, played with my munchkin and ate, then started on one of the onion domes on St. Basil's.

The car is off to the Pontiac dealership later this afternoon to get the door fixed. It's been an ongoing soap opera over the last two weeks! We started out wanting to get the brakes redone. But the engine started running hot so we took it in to get the radiator checked. The first shop we took it to (our regular shop) their equipment was at another shop that day so they couldn't fix it. We've had a slight window problem for the last several months, and the sweet guys at D&J tried to fix it after they popped it out of the track- not knowing that it does that all the time. The door stopped opening from the inside. Then it wouldn't open at all. Now the whole lock mechanism has slid out and it won't shut it all! I get the pleasure of figuring out some way to keep the door closed long enough for me to drive it across the river to the Pontiac place.

I see some Afro-American ingenuity forthcoming in my future...



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