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Monday, August 21, 2006

St. Basil's update

I'm now 4 weeks in on St. Basil's. I am so thrilled with the progress and how fast it's stitching up! Not to mention how much I love love love the fabric I chose.

And "A Favour" is also progressing nicely. I'm at about 1100 stitches in. I'll post another picture here when I finish my current row.

In other news, we're having a BIG shake-up at work. Trina has resigned. I cannot honestly say that I will miss her. I do think the resignation is over something very petty and rather silly, but it's her call. I do know she won't be getting any glowing references from our boss, due to the circumstances surrounding the resignation. And right when we're starting our busiest time of the year and me with my best friend from New York coming down in 3 weeks! So we have massive work schedule re-vamping ahead of us. My laptop here will start coming to work with me on a regular basis, and not just because my desktop at work is sick, lol. I'm not sure about Internet access though. Unless the guy who lives next door to the Big House has wireless that I can skeef, I won't be on during the day most of the time.

But on the bright side I'll finally get the chance to start charting the sampler in the KH collection! It's from 1834 and quite lovely. It's rare in that it's entirely cross-stitch! I plan to stitch it once I've charted it and I have my eye on Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. They have the muted colors like in the original piece.



Blogger Belinda said...

St. Basil's looks great, and I *love* the fabric you're using! It reminds me of a winter snowfall!

12:21 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I agree, it looks fabulous, and the fabric is perfect!

4:33 PM  

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