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Monday, August 14, 2006


(for those of you who may see this and are going "huh?" that means Stash Enhancement eXperience. get your minds out of the gutter!)

Major SEX today!!! 2 charts, fabric and ACEO's.

Fabric: 1 piece of the SW limited edition Wild Violets. Oh so yummy! Haven't the faintest clue what I'll stitch on it yet but I just had to have it. One of the prettiest fabric pieces I've ever seen in my life.

Charts: PR's "Romantic Stitcher" and the wedding announcement for my brother. The announcement will be stitched on SMF "Guinevere" with a yet to be determined variegated silk. It's a beautiful Celtic knot. I'm thinking I may do it with Caron Waterlilies because I can take the fabric over to the LNS across the river and do actual floss tosses. Then for the words I'll pull out a solid from the variegated. That solid will most likely be a Vikki Clayton since she has such a large range of beautiful colors.

And my ACEO's from Nadia came!!!! Oh my goodness they are so beautiful!! I got Mermaid Star, Mermaid by the Seashore and Rose Fae. Next up White Rose Fae, Snow Kitty Fae and Wisteria Fae. I can't get over how beautiful and detailed they are in person! The eBay pictures just do not capture their beauty.

My mom brought me back this nifty little Creative Memories album from Showcase. It's the slide-the-picture-in pocket pages and it's the perfect size to hold my ACEO's! I have two of the little books so I'm good to go for 32 ACEO's. What I'll do once I fill those up I haven't the faintest, but it will be CM of some sort. I want to preserve my little beauties for as long as I can.



Blogger Kip said...

I love that fabbie! Now I'm jealous!

4:11 AM  
Blogger Singular Stitches said...

S.E.X. excursions are just too naughty! ;o)

Your new stash sounds wonderful!

4:33 AM  

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