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Saturday, December 23, 2006

SEX and pondering

Now isn't that a title that would raise eyebrows for the unknowing, lol.

The Watergarden kit arrived yesterday!!!!!! It's so beautifully packaged too. I'm very impressed and will be a repeat customer for further Chatelaines.

I've also been doing some pondering on the wedding sampler I'm going to do for my brother. The original floss I had picked out, Waterlilies "Fir" just isn't going to work. There's not enough purple in it, it's too blue up against my fabric. I'm stitching it on SMF "Guinevere" and the piece I have is more green than purple, so now I'm considering just using a purple or lilac variegated silk to do it.

The design itself is a Celtic knot with "Love Never Fails" in the center, and then the names and date underneath. I'm toying with the idea now of using VC Grapevine to stitch the knot and something lavender to stitch the words. Or there's Wisteria, also a lovely color. And then there's Dinky Dyes Lavender Mist or Jacaranda. All 4 would be acceptable. The wedding colors are lilac and light green, so the Wisteria would fit that. And it would be stunning on Guinevere. (I would link, but my piece is greener than what's on the site)

Most likely will use Wisteria now that I've sat here and pondered and looked at colors. still debating on what to do the words with though. Wisteria also or a green?



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