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Thursday, December 14, 2006

What's in the bag

I need a knitting bag. Something that doesn't have Velcro on it. That nixes all of my current empty totebags. Darn, I have to get a new one! But I have a quandary. I can't decide which one to get!

Should I get this one? It's the artwork from Judy Bolton #2 The Haunted Attic. And I am always on the lookout for books, just not necessarily when I'm knitting.

Or this one? I am a Sleuth, a charter member in fact. But I already have a Sleuth Cafe Press tote bag. From the 2004 convention, I won it. It has the cover from The Haunted Showboat on one side and the cover from Mystery of the Fire Dragon on the other side. It has my HAED "A Favour" in it.

OR, there's this one. That's Ruth Fielding. I've just recently found out that I love this series. Need to round out my collection of them. Or to complicate matters even further there's the Hardy Boys tote. That would be nice walking around with Frank and Joe on my arm.... And Secret of the Old Mill is one of my favorites. Decisions decisions.

My JOY tree is finished. I was going to take a picture of it this evening to post, but Zoe decided to take a nap in my lap and I just can't bring myself to stand up. So I'll do it tomorrow. It came out beautifully! I'm so happy with it and it's going to look fantastic on the tree.

The Cafe Press tote bags are AMAZING to be quite honest. They're 100% cotton so they can go in the wash. The picture doesn't come off and they're incredibly well made. Worth every penny.

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Blogger Michelle said...

Ruth. Definately the Ruth. More conducive to "romantic stitching" if ya know what I mean. :o)

2:53 AM  

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