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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PV update

I have only taken 3 pictures of Through A Mother's Eyes. I think that is a reflection on how much it has been driving me crazy!!!

The girl nearly made my lose my religion. I frogged her hair no less than 5 times. 3 of those times were on the same night! Most recent session was Friday evening.

But she's done now, thank God! Everything else in this area is a walk in the park compared to her hair.

And no, she doesn't have any eyes. I'm still too ticked at her to start the backstitching that will give her a face. She's kinda creepy right now, but I like it.

The Munchkin is doing wonderfully. Her wound is healing very nicely. She can't go outside yet though and she's getting kinda bored. Currently she's napping in my lap and getting the cat version of Neosporin all over my pants. Good thing I wasn't planning on wearing them again tomorrow!

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Blogger sugardoll said...

How pretty! I really like some PV designs, but I am afraid I will not have enough wall for all the Mira's I want up. Heheh. Love the colors! Your works are just stunning!

12:57 PM  

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