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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Art gush!!

Josephine Wall is AMAZING!!!!!!! I was browsing her site this afternoon while clock-watching and stumbled across "Alternative Reality". (if the link doesn't work, it's in the "Surreal" gallery) WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find it absolutely breathtaking and the Victorian romantic in me is going nuts silently pleading for Michelle to chart her. The colors are so beautiful and so ME, the look on her face is exquisite and I absolutely ove the Victorian dark Gothic warring with her "real life". It's just so exquisitely beautiful to me. And she has it as a wallpaper! Three guesses as to what my current one is, lol.

Also Stairway of Dreams strikes a cord with me. Again, the Victorian romanticism (very appropriate since Jo lives in England), combined with books. I've often wished I could wander off into the worlds of the books I read, even if just in my dreams.



Blogger natty68 said...

Yep I agree her work is gorgeous, and that piece is stunning.


7:03 AM  

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