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Friday, June 02, 2006

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!

And I am oh so glad it is Friday! No alarm in the morning, no absolutely having to get up. The only thing on tap is doing some preliminary shopping for our vacation. Which starts in exactly 8 days!!!!!! We're going to the beach in Gulf Shores for 6 whole days. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I need this so bad it's not even funny. I even ordered a new 2-piece bathing suit. It's purple of course, lol.

The only hard part about this trip is deciding what project to take with me! Do I take my PV iris pillow? Or St. Basil's? Or Spring Cameo? Or PV In A Mother's Eyes? I can't decide! Any votes? (can't start Pirate and Mermaid, doing a private SAL on it and my partner isn't ready to start yet)

I'm also experimenting with mouse positions today. Starting to have some wrist problems again from constant mouse useage so I moved it up a little higher. Going to leave it there for a few days and see if my wrist improves. I know it's not the mouse itself as the one I have is ergonomic and fits my hand beautifully. It's all about height. It's just that in order to get it up high enough, it's on a seperate part of my desk from my keyboard so that's a little awkward.



Blogger CraftyPretender said...

Anything in purple is an item reflecting good taste!! (it is also my favourite colour hahaha)

Have a good shopping trip!!


11:52 AM  

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