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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Katrina Quilt

Kevin posted on EF about a quilt being done to commemorate Hurricane Katrina. I checked the message board and site out today and am duly impressed with the effort being put into it so far. So I signed up. Knew exactly what I want to stitch for it. A fleur de lis.

The Fleur de Lis has been associated with Louisiana since 1714 when Natchitoches used it on the flag that was designed when the city was founded. It's also the emblem of the New Orleans Saints NFL team. The Saints are back home in the Dome for the first time since mid-August of last year. The quilt is all about hope. Right now, the Saints are the picture of hope for New Orleans. They're 3-0 and actually playing GOOD football. For the first time in many years, every single home game is sold out. Sold out!! Has been for 3 weeks. We're proud of our team and even people who don't give a hoot about pro football (like me) are cheering them on.

The fleur de lis can now be found on official state welcome signs, official Louisiana documents and on tourism brochures from all over the state. Including the one for Kent House, where I work.

The square has to be stitched on evenweave. Ugh. It won't be lugana that's for sure! I think I'll use Jobelan. I think I'll go for 28ct to help make the design bigger, instead of my usual 32ct. The Saints fleur de lis is dark gold, so after browsing through Vikki Clayton and Dinky Dyes, I've pretty much settled on DD's Aussie Gold. It's got the darker tone and variation that's in the fleur de lis on Saints jerseys and baseball caps. The stitch count isn't quite big enough widthwise, so I'll be adding a black border I think, to make it big enough. The pattern I settled on just now is actually a bead pattern, but that doesn't really matter since it has the right shape and arm position to be the Saints fleur de lis.



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