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Friday, September 08, 2006

Swiped from Michelle! Being a purple lover, I couldn't resist.

You Are Lavender

You are a sweet person with a very soft personality.
People become easily entranced with you. They seem to glow around you.
You have a quiet energy that can keep you active late into the night.
Even if you aren't the life of the party, you definitely keep the party going.

But is it true? Not particularly! Soft personality? Not on your life! Energy late into the night? *laughs myself to death* Heck no! I'm dead by ten pm. Actually, Michelle's result of Grape is nearly me to a T. How come I didn't get that answer? I am bold and a very different individual. And quite okay with it and proud of it. Took me a LONG time to get to the point where I like myself (just ask my mom, lol), but I'm there and I honestly don't care what most people think of my habits and likes. I'm me and nobody can change that.

On the stitching front, BD present is complete! Will be framed this weekend and I'll post a picture. I lucked out and frames at Hobby Lobby are 50% off this week. Talk about perfect timing! And the perfect frame. I just wish lacing didn't take so long, lol.

And cell phone case is complete. Will post a pic this weekend with the finished BD present. I will be meeting Ria with my Nancy Drew purse on my shoulder, with nifty new cell phone case attached, neither of which she has never seen. Oh, and Samantha. She's never seen my Samantha out of the box. Tuesday!!!!!!!!!! So come Tuesday I'll be rather scarce for exactly two weeks. She goes home on the 26th.

On the agenda for tomorrow is cleaning my room. As things stand right now Ria has no place to sleep. Must fix that... And truth be told it's driving me crazy. I haven't put my clothes up in a week because I've been so tired when I get home that all I do is crash. And I still haven't put away my floss that I bought at Hancock's. That was 2 weeks ago. But it is sorted and catalogued, which is a step in the right direction.

And Fudgey told me about another pattern for New Orleans relief efforts. Yes, they still need help. Areas of the city STILL don't have electricity and it's been over a year. It's a sampler stitched with VC silks. I'll be emailing for all the info sometime this weekend.



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