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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope your day was filled with family, fun, food and wonderful memories.

Didn't get much stash for Christmas, but I hadn't asked for very much either. Got a needlecase for my knitting needles, the Craftmates storage tote I had asked for to put my beads in, and a complete set of steel crochet hooks in their own pretty little case. Yes, I'm a thread crocheter and proud of it, lol.

Mostly I got American Girl stuff. Which is ok with me! I have 9, with #10 coming home in the spring sometime. My youngest brother Jason bought me Josefina's adobe oven. It is wonderful! I set it out on my bookshelf. Mama got me Emily's PJ's and robe. Boy is that robe ever soft! It's chenille. I want one that soft. Elizabeth gave me a gift certificate so I'm going around in circles trying to decide what to buy. I can get two things with it and also make use of the movie code to get 10 bucks off my order.

And to make matters even worse on the GC front, there's supposed to be new stuff for Molly and Emily coming out next week, including a 2-piece swimsuit for Emily! I think my brain might very well explode. I hope the suit looks like a real 1940's suit and is just as good as Molly's.



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