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Friday, December 29, 2006

St. Petersburg White Nights

I saw the screenshots of the next Chatelaine garden, St. Petersburg White Nights, and really really liked it on the navy blue. Didn't like just the plain green that she picked. So all this time I've been seriously considering doing it on a blue fabric.

Enter the Chatelaine fabric viewer. And Lori's yummy fabrics, the Painteds. The Flairs would be a bit too dramatic for White Nights methinks. I don't like the blue anymore. I like her Eire, Evergreen and Mint. All greens! Yes, greens. I didn't like the green screenshot. Or the gray. It looks really good on her Slate too. Which is a gray. And I kinda like it on Wizard's Magic. That one's gray and a very pale lavender.

What's a girl to do.... Tonight I really like the Evergreen best. It's a muted green, makes the design pop but it's not overwhelming. I still do like it on SW Enchantment. Evergreen is better though.

Yup, Evergreen it is! That was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I've been at my Mimi's house since Tuesday, just got home today. I took Alternative Reality and St. Basil's with me. We don't do much when we're there except sit and talk. Prime stitching time! Probably got over 500 stitches in on AR, and a nice-sized chunk of St. B was done too. I couldn't finish that onion dome though because I forgot to drop my BF in the bag. Ah well, still got a lot done. Will have pictures tomorrow. Zoe is in my lap right now and I don't feel like getting up.



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