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Friday, March 30, 2007

Clean bill of health!

The munchkin had her second follow-up today. The last stitch came out and she was pronounced free to go outside! This made her very happy.

She spent most of the day outside playing with Murdock, running through the grass, getting up on the roof. That's her favorite place to play, on the roof. Only it had been so long since she'd been up there that she really and truly forgot how to get down. Took longer than usual because she had to remember which branch to step on first.

I'm feeling slightly risque and I'm taking St. Basil's with me to work tomorrow! Finished the tall steeple spire last night and started on the outermost right edge. It's going to be at least another week before I put it aside and move on in my rotation. The finish is so close that I can almost taste it.

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Blogger sugardoll said...

I'm assuming you are talking about your cutie kitty cat? heehe

Glad he/she? is doing great! Take care you two ^_^

11:05 PM  
Blogger Karin said...

Glad your kitty is on the mend. St. Basil's is one of my favorite patterns - can't wait to hear about your progress

2:14 PM  

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