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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Genius strikes at the strangest times. This time it was in the shower.

I'm a book-a-holic. Probably moreso than with stash. More importantly, I'm a series book collector. Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton, Black Stallion, etc. I haven't bough any in over a year because I quite literally ran out of room. I don't even have room to put them in boxes and stack the boxes up! Next weekend I'm putting a new bookcase in, but by the time I finish putting books on it it'll be nearly full.

I have this unused and wasted wall in my dressing room area. (that's code for the sink is in a seperate room from the tub) It has a marble-topped desk in it. And the marble is cheap, it may not even be real marble. The desk is of no use to me whatsoever and I've been debating for years on whether or not to rip it out and do something else. I finally decided what to do about 4 years ago- turn it into bookshelves! But I kinda ran out of paint before I got to ripping it out and sadly the color my room is painted can no longer be obtained. So the project got shelved. (pun intended!)

Until just now, when I was in the shower. I have remedied the no paint problem! I'm going to paint the whole wall lavender. A very pretty lavender, pulled out of the quilt on my bed. Then I will use a metal shelving system to get the brackets on the wall, and use boards to make the shelves. I'll need a little help taking the desk apart, but after that I can do the project entirely on my own which makes me VERY happy since that tool-handy brother of mine now lives 4 hours away and is busy building his house. The whole thing will be white to match the rest of the trim and bookcases in my room and I think it will be quite lovely on a lavender wall. I've always wanted a lavender wall...

eBay here I come! It's amazing how much you can miss trolling eBay and used book sites looking for that one great find to fill a hole in your collection.



Blogger Meari said...

I seem to do all my best thinking in the shower, or while driving! A lavender wall sounds great. :D

3:23 PM  

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