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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweater HD!!!

I finished the baby sweater!!!!!! A good friend had a baby on the 3rd, a little boy. It's been so unseasonably cold down here that the poor thing is in dire need of a sweater.

I don't remember where I found the pattern, but it's an online freebie. Called the Yoda Baby Sweater if I remember correctly. The yarn is Hobby Lobby Baby Bee something. Color is pretty true here on my screen, a lovely pale gray.

Next up: Finish the sock so I can knit my hand warmers with the leftovers.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year, new start!

I have a truly new year laid out in front of me. I'm starting a new job in another 2 weeks, one that I'm really looking forward to. My income will be going up, so a new car is in my future as well as more spending $$$ for stash. The new job has me working from home, and since I'm setting my office up in my room, I decided it was time for a major cleaning spree.

I do have a rather large room, when this house was built it was originally the master bedroom. I've divided it up into sections and I'm tackling one section every day until I get done. I should be done by Thursday if I stay on track. The massive cleaning also involves some re-arranging and organizing.

A friend sent me a nifty little fold-out knitting case. And I do mean it's little! And terribly cute, and yellow which means it matches my bedroom beautifully. The friend doesn't know what color my bedroom is either. Since I keep my small knitting projects in a little bag, I decided to put all of my thread crochet stuff into the little fold-out thing. So all my thread gets put in there, my favorite little pattern book and some beads that I'm about to play with.

Naturally I want to put my hooks in there too. My mom bought me a full set of steel crochet hooks for Christmas a couple years ago. 00-14 all in the same case! I think that was my favorite present that year. But I can't find them. Anywhere! I found the last hook I was using, the 6 out of the case. But no case. I've looked everywhere. In all of my tote bags, pulled all the yarn out of my knitting bag, looked in all of my little chests and sewing boxes. Zilch. That little green case is nowhere to be found. Rats!

So if anybody sees a little green case with steel crochet hooks in it that's missing the 6, please tell it to come back home.